My name is María Victoria Gregorio and I am International Sales Agent for the Spanish market.


I am an entrepreneur woman, passionate about the commercial world and b2b relationships. I’ve been collaborating with international associations, always in the front row and very close to my customers, for more than 30 years.

I am a creative, effective, persistent and a responsible woman with an excellent people skills. I always put passion to achieve my goals. I have a great ability to solve problems and find creative ways to make your business grow.


After finishing my bachelor studies, I decided to expand my languages knowledge studying English, French and German.

I passed different courses on Management skills and Negotiation Techniques, a Master in SME Management and later I have assisted and organized conferences on different aspects of the logistics world.

Since 1990 I realized that my career was focused on helping companies on its business growth in our market and build trust relationships with their final customers to expand in its sector, always in an international environment.

In 2013 I decided to undertake and create new opportunities in my professional life.

I had the honor of working in multinational enterprises and family business in the industrial and logistics sector, in spite of collaborating closely with international associations supporting all partners.


Since I was a child, I’ve been in love with basketball and I played during 20 years. Probably that is the reason from which I learnt so young to do teamwork. Also travelling with family is one of my favourite pleasures in life. The opportunity to discover and visit new lands, cities and countries. I love pets as well, specially dogs. And when I find some free time for me, I use to relax with good music and playing guitar.


When I was the general manager of KOTRA Spain, I was really lucky to work. Victoria is very focused on the project and always works hard on it.
I think she can be a business partner as well as a friend. Finally, I appreciate the opportunity to learn many things in cooperation with her.
I respect Her.

Jaewon Lyu
Vice-President for Trade Support Infrastructure KOTRA HQ

Victoria and I have known each other almost 30 years and made some
great projects together. We met while working in Outokumpu Group, which at that time was a global versatile multimetal company.
Victoria is positive, very business and sales and service oriented person, who´s peopleskills are extraordinary. She has excellent networks in Both in Spain and Globally.

Rita Valve
M.SC International business/International Marketing M.BC , Finance and Accounting HHJ – Authorized Board Member Entrepreneur and business architect Finland

As a director of the Hispanic-Czech Chamber of Commerce, I had many opportunities to work with Victoria. She was always very profesional but at the same time very close. She never promises nothing that is imposible to realize.

Jitka Loucka
Director of the Spanish-Czech Chamber

Victoria possesses many of the qualities an employer desires in an employee. She is bright, works efficiently and motivated. Is an independent and highly motivated person who performs well in all circumstances and even under pressure. Victoria makes careful and intelligent decisions. She is kind and considerate with all collaborators and quickly adapts to changing circumstances

Cámara de Comercia Hispano-Danesa
Marianne Koefoed
President of Danish Chamber of Commerce

If you are looking for a professional to help you to enter in the Spanish market and develop your business, an international agent committed to your project and trustworthy. Get in touch with me and I will help you.




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